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Qty 4 (was 5) VW Cadiz 19x8" 5x112 lug, 57.1mm bore, ET+50 offset wheels, 1 with serviceable Continental ContiSport Contact 5P tires. All wheels are in "used" condition with various amounts of normal wear and tear in a desert environment.

Wheel #2 has been sold.

Wheel #5 is serviceable, but requires repair after pothole impact to true back into round (slight inner barrel dent).

More details at my VW Vortex F/S post.
Wheel 1 ouside finish viewWheel 1 scratch+chipsWheel 1 chipInside Tread Depth Wheel 1 6/32"Outside tread depth wheel 1 6/32"Center tread depth wheel 1 5/32"Tread view Wheel 1Tread view wheel 1SOLD - Wheel 2 outside finish viewWheel 2 mounting surface scratchesSOLD - Wheel 2 slight dentSOLD - Wheel 2 surface blemishSOLD - Wheel 2 Tire date codeSOLD - Wheel 2 outer tread depth 8/32"Wheel 2 center tread depth 8/32"SOLD - Wheel 2 inner tread depth 7/32"SOLD - Wheel 2 tread viewSOLD - Wheel 2 tread viewWheel 3 and 4Wheel 3 outside overview